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So a sum up of my life lately

For starters, I’ve been feeling unusually content lately. Nothing particularly significant happened to cause it.
Lets see…
Yesterday, I found out that you can go on two different servers at the same time with the same account. Of course, to do both on a single computer, you need two different clients. In addition, I have been given the Trusted rank by the Owner of the server I go on, Allaria.
(The IP is
Allaria is a survival/soon to be RP server. It is a no grief server, and PVP is discouraged (Unless its in an arena or part of the storyline the owner’ll be coming up with.) They use a plugin called Heroes, which makes it where you can choose different classes. Each class has special abilities and limitations as far as tools and armor.

Then there is my book. It’s been getting along pretty well lately. I’ve had idea after idea.

I’ll probably add more to this post later. :p


Well, didn’t expect that

Okay, today I was doing some edits to my Tumblr, such as changing the name to Miscellania. And I found out after deleting one of the posts that the deleted post had gotten about 40 reshares. :o So I reposted it.
Here is the link to my Tumblr.


Decided I would post some stuff I have done in GIMP

For those of you who don’t know, GIMP is a photo-editing program like photoshop, only free. And it has many of the same features as Photoshop.
Any feedback is appreciated.

This is my current sig on RPG and I’m pretty proud of it. I did a couple of softglow filters on it first before putting in the background. I then used the analogist filter on it, which is a part of the FX-Foundry filters set. That is what made the center of the image, Kirito, seem to have two contrasting sides of transparency and solidity. It also made the graphic a bit more realistic and made everything fit together better. I then used the fuzzy border filter on it, adjusting the opacity on the border layer to make the background still visible in the border, just more faded and lighter then the rest of the graphic.

This is the sig I made for a Secret Santa event. I was told to give it a more sad effect, even though it came out more mysterious looking in my opinion. My first step was to get rid of the stars, because I felt that they didn’t fit the theme. I then darkened the graphic and used a mute color filter. I rendered the fog/clouds in the background. Lastly, I made a separate layer for the border, which I then lowered the opacity on to give it that see through effect. There were some other small things, but I can’t remember them. :p

This is an old avatar of mine. Sadly, I have lost the .xcf file for it so I don’t remember what exactly I had done to it. I do remember that I had darkened the graphic and I think I had blurred the edges of the character in the graphic, as well as adding in the text. The other half of the set is this:

With this, I had started off with a white background. I put the pics of the character in a different layer. I put in the text before the character, then adjusting the opacity of the character layer so you could see the text through the character. I then added in a layer that was completely black and adjusted the opacity on that to make it dark like that. I had tried the brightness adjuster first, but I just couldn’t get the effect I wanted from that. Of course, the graphic turned out a little darker then I wanted it too in the end. It was quite a learning experience for me since I didn’t know much about the whole transparency topic. Oh and the lost touch was putting in a gradient.

Again, any feedback is appreciated.

In other news, I am looking for contributors. Interested? Email me at with what topic you’ll be focusing on. You don’t just have to be limited by the topics already on the list.


My adventures on my first Minecraft server

Alright, so I joined a Minecraft server named Allaria. And I’ll admit, it’s fun as heck! But, I’m getting a bit annoyed at it and I’ll tell you why.
Lately, there has been rampant mod abuse. Two of the owners had been running around griefing and killing players, both of which of whom had been demoted thankfully. But, it doesn’t end there. There is another person on there who likes to get into other people’s lands and claim it for themself, since the server is on a faction system. Obviously, you can see how such a system can be taken advantage of by trolls. Hopefully, the owner of the server gets everything under control soon, because otherwise he’ll be losing a majority of the server’s population. The first time this person did that, I’ll admit it was my fault for teleporting them to where our island was because I thought he was good. Heck, he used to be in our clan! He then proceeded to claim a building that I and a friend had worked for days on. -.-



Sorry for not getting up posts in the past couple days. I have been really busy. But I’ll try to get up something either today or tommorow. It’ll be a review on a book I read(Not telling what it is. :p ). Thanks for your patience.


I would like to take a minute

I want to take a minute to remember the people who died today in the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Their deaths will not be forgotten.


Song of the Day: 50 ways to say goodbye by Train


Song of the Day: Pump It by Black Eyed Peas



I was trying to post to Tumblr, but none of my pictures would upload.
I was like wtf
I tried again, and I waited for five minutes, then it said “Error uploading photos” again.
Now I’m like ....
In the end, I decided to just make it easier and post them here.

These were made by a friend of mine.



Song of the day: Party Ain’t Over by Pitbull